Thanks to the plentiful sunshine, Australia enjoys an enviable abundance of natural resources. However, overexposure to sunlight is also a major threat to our skin. Luckily, the local natural ingredients in our products have an outstanding power in terms of moisturising and antioxidant.

Being an industry leader and the world s first facial mask targeting the ‘stay-up-late’ skin problems, Lellure Illumination Gel Mask revolutionarily combines resveratrol, a magical antioxidant ingredient, and the Australian landmark product – the sheep placenta extract in its purest form.

Australians are proud of their peaceful society. They believe that change should occur by discussion, peaceful persuasion and the democratic process. They reject violence as a way of changing peoples’ minds or the law.

In addition to these values, Australians also pursue the public-good and have compassion for those in need. There is a strong community spirit in Australia and Australians seek to enhance and improve the society in which they live.

Many Australians contribute to the community in their daily lives. They may demonstrate this through caring for the environment, lending a hand and working together in times of need in pursuit of the public good.

Australia has a strong tradition of ‘mateship’, where people provide help to others voluntarily, especially those in difficulty. A mate is often a friend but can also be a spouse, partner, brother, sister, daughter or son. A mate can also be a total stranger. There is also a strong tradition of community service and volunteering.

The values outlined above have been promoted and discussed by Australians over many years. They have helped Australia to welcome and integrate successfully millions of people from many ethnic groups and cultural traditions.

Australia’s cultural diversity is a strength which makes for a dynamic society. Within the framework of Australia’s laws, all Australians have the right to express their culture and beliefs. But at the same time, all Australians are asked to make an overriding commitment to Australia – its laws, its values and its people.