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This lightweight, non-oily jelly cream is specially formulated to protect your skin from the effects of stress and environmental damage. Keeping it soothed and hydrated 24 hours a day.

Made from native Australian plant extracts, such as Kakadu Plum Vitamin C, and enriched with 72 minerals, 17 amino acids and proteins, Lellure Illumination Jelly Cream is ideal for dehydrated and dull skin.

Lellure’s Illumination Jelly Cream uses innovative dual water-lock technology for speedy absorption and transforms into a refreshing gel moisturiser, leaving skin visibly plumper and radiantly revitalised.

Product highlights

  • Moisturising: Provides intense hydration for skin
  • Anti-oxidant:  Helps protect your skin from environmental damage and stress
  • Brightening: Brightens and illuminates’ skin for a radiant complexion
  • Lightweight: Gel texture forms a moisture barrier without sticky or greasy residue
  • Promotes: Promotes skin elasticity by enhancing collagen and elastin production
  • Absorbent: Easily absorbs into the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types

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